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July 11, 2018

Types Of Detox You Can Do During A Luxury Villa Vacation!

Ever since the Spring Break trips to college, when somebody goes on vacation, that means more intoxication than detoxification. It could be in a variety of ways, including alcohol, food (think of those massive buffets so common at all-inclusive resorts), noise, or even activities (think of guided trips where every single hour of your vacation has already been planned). However, nowadays, people are increasingly looking for different kinds of experiences, and among those, the ‘detox retreats’ are one of the most trending options in the contemporary travel industry. On the other hand, doing a detox in a hotel is difficult as the environment is harder to control than, for example, in a private villa. A luxury villa allows guests much more control over what they do, what they eat, and when to do it. So, here you have 5 types of detox that you can only do during a luxury villa vacation:

Detox Villa Vacation

Diet Detox
Most of the time, modern luxury villas include a private chef with whom you can personally select the ingredients of your meals during the length of your stay and even design your own menus. Needless to say, this kind of control over your food would be impossible at a large hotel. In a villa, you can actually control the way your ingredients are cooked, what kind of oil or salt is used, or even prepare your meals yourself if that’s what you prefer. However, having a private chef there ready to please even your most eccentric detox demand, it might be a good idea to make the most of him or her.

Tech Detox
In modern times it is so hard to stay away from our phones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs, etc. Luxury private villas normally come fully equipped with Wi-Fi, tablets, TVs, DVDs, and the whole tech package, but renting a villa for yourself means that you can adapt the ambiance as much as you like. Say, for example, that you want nobody using a phone during your stay, that’s not hard to do, and it will always be easier to disconnect from technology if the Wi-Fi has been disconnected.


Detox Vacation At Luxury Villa

Stress Detox
Being in a luxury private villa by the beach in Mexico offers plenty of opportunities just to shut stress out and finally disconnect from real life. How come? Well, first, you won’t have to get in the line to check-in and compete with other guests to use the limited amenities, as you would in a hotel.


Now, imagine waking up in the morning and having a relaxing walk through a white sand beach with a turquoise water sea in the background. Going back to your own villa and doing some yoga in your manicured tropical garden, with an organic smoothie waiting for you. Then spend the rest of the day sunbathing by the pool while reading a book with no other people but your beloved one’s insight. Basically, in a private villa, you can have pretty much any detox you’d like, as you have full control over what’s going on on the property’s premises.

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