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Punta Ballena Vacation Rentals

Ages 13 or above
Ages 2 to 12
Under 2 years

Luxury Redefined with Villa Experience's Punta Ballena Vacation Rentals in Los Cabos

Discover serenity and luxury in every detail with Villa Experience, offering enchanting stays at our villas in Punta Ballena, Los Cabos. Here, the timeless elegance of Mexican design and bespoke service come together, crafting a vacation and a narrative of beauty, comfort, and unforgettable moments against the stunning backdrop of Punta Ballena.

From $ 3,000 USD /night
from $ 1,695 USD /night
from $ 1,350 USD /night
from $ 1,900 USD /night

The Epitome of Luxury Living in Punta Ballena

Step into a world where the elegant aesthetics of Punta Ballena meet modern conveniences, delivering an unparalleled living experience amidst the striking beauty of Los Cabos. Since its inception in 2000, Punta Ballena has seamlessly blended captivating Mexican architecture with the pinnacle of modern luxuries, ensuring every moment is a gentle embrace of opulence and comfort.

A Quintessential Villa Experience Tailored Exclusively For You

From the moment your journey begins with Villa Experience, every detail is a curated blend of personalized luxury and impeccable service. Our staffed private villas with chefs, maids, butlers, and concierges promise an effortlessly lavish stay.

Play Video about Punta Ballena Beach Club overlooking the pristine waters of Los Cabos

Punta Ballena: A Tapestry of Adventure, Culinary Excellence, and Relaxation

Venture beyond the walls of your private villa and let Punta Ballena, along with the vibrant Corridor, lure you into adventures ready to be discovered. Explore two miles of scenic walking paths, savor gourmet meals, and traverse pristine beaches as every moment of your escapade interweaves thrill, delight, and serene pauses, crafting an unforgettable journey through splendor.

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FAQs on Vacationing in Our Punta Ballena Villas

What Makes Punta Ballena, Los Cabos a Unique Destination for Vacation Rentals?

Experience luxury at its finest with our vacation villas, where opulent Mexican architecture harmonizes with modern conveniences against the stunning backdrop of Los Cabos, offering a vacation experience that seamlessly marries tranquility and lavish living.

What Amenities Can I Expect in a Villa Experience Vacation Rental in Punta Ballena?

Expect a melange of luxury and comfort with amenities like private pools, chef services, maid, butler, personal concierge, and access to private Residents Beach Club, spa services, and more, ensuring a stay that pampers you in every possible way.

Is Punta Ballena Suitable for Family Vacation Rentals?

Our villas in Punta Ballena, with their spacious design and myriad amenities, cater exquisitely to families seeking a blend of adventure and relaxation, ensuring an enchanting getaway for every member.

How Close Are the Villas to the Beach and Other Attractions in Los Cabos?

Nestled in the serene realm of Punta Ballena, our villas offer proximity to quiet beaches. They are just a short drive away from many attractions, including golf courses, restaurants, and cultural landmarks in Los Cabos.

Can I Plan an Event at a Villa Experience Property in Punta Ballena?

Yes, some villas provide a picturesque venue for events, with our team ready to assist in curating a memorable celebration or gathering amidst the plush settings and breathtaking views of Punta Ballena.

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Los Cabos Tennis Open 2024: A Luxurious Experience Awaits!

Los Cabos Tennis Open 2024 promises world-class tennis in a stunning setting. Experience the action up close while enjoying the luxury of premium Los Cabos villas. Witness tennis legends and indulge in unmatched comfort. Secure your spot for this unparalleled sporting and leisure event now!

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