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Punta Sayulita Villa Rentals

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Luxury Vacation Villas in Punta Sayulita!

Each of our Punta Sayulita villa rentals comes fully equipped with everything you need to enjoy your vacation. Villa Experience offers luxury villa rentals in Punta Sayulita at the Riviera Nayarit, Mexico. In addition, our Punta Sayulita’s Beach & Surf Club villa rentals include a private beach club, a modern fitness center, and a Spa. We have trained professionals onsite at Punta Sayulita to lead Yoga and Pilates classes at the outdoor palapas.

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Gated Community with Private Beach Club

The Ultimate Villa Experience

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From 1,500 USD /night
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Discover Punta Sayulita
A Hidden Sanctuary

Sayulita is one of the most beautiful areas in the Bahia de Banderas.  It is a region where residents and visitors touch on their love of the wildness of nature and find the best places to hike, surf, socialize and enjoy the beach. Here, people experience alternative living, restaurants, bars, yoga retreats, meditation, and natural healing retreats that give us a glimpse of what embracing this lifestyle brings. 

Here the alternative lifestyle is the norm. It is the place to buy vegan, organic, and build eco-conscious villas. One area to live this experience is in Punta Sayulita, a private gated community with 26 homes based on consciousness living.

Punta Sayulita sits 21 miles North of the Puerto Vallarta International Airport. This 33-acre exclusive community is just a few minutes away from Sayulita and easily walkable.  Punta Sayulita offers privacy and family-friendly living spaces inspired by the natural environment and the Sayulita lifestyle.

At the heart of this gated community sits the Beach & Surf Club, which has many different water activities for residents and their guests. Here you will find a fitness center, a spa, and a restaurant. If you consider a Punta Sayulita vacation rental, you should know that each of these homes has been exquisitely designed to be luxurious and sustainable. Every comfort is kept in mind in the design of each home.

The Punta Sayulita community sits perched over Sayulita and has incredible views of the town, the ocean, and the daily surfing action. It is designed to be quaint, luxurious but unpretentious, and intimate. The idea is that it remains unspoiled and beautiful.

Punta Sayulita makes the best of everything Sayulita is known for. It is the epitome of authentic Mexican Pueblo charm, with cobblestone streets, artsy shops, and fabulous restaurants and bars.

There is no better place for nature enthusiasts than the Nayarit area, especially Punta Sayulita and Sayulita.

Many people haven’t discovered the beauty of these places, which makes them two natural gems waiting to be discovered. Punta Sayulita vacation rentals provide access to jungles where jaguars roam, crocs creep, and exotic tropical wildlife sing and dance on beautiful hidden beaches and epic sightseeing hikes. Don’t worry, however! The wildlife won’t be close enough to your Punta Sayulita rental.

With the soothing sea breeze, warm sun, and colorful landscapes, you can explore, relax, and live on the wild side.  As a cherry on top, the breathtaking 360-degree views you enjoy from your very own Punta Sayulita vacation home rental is something we offer every visitor who stays in this region.

Nature is accentuated here because of Nayarit’s diverse ecosystem. The Sayulita area is a  deciduous forest with trees that turn beautiful shades during the Autumn season and shed their leaves in the dry season. While Sayulita mixes the deciduous forest and the Evergreen Jungle of grand, green, and luscious rainforest trees, it’s a pure treat for the eyes. It attracts a wide range of bird and animal species, making this spot you’re calling for a natural person.

Thanks to the diverse ecosystem, there are many natural wonders in Punta Sayulita and Sayulita. Every acre in this beautiful area is a work of nature. You can find everything here, from colorful marine life and wildlife to magnificent flowers and trees.

Some Amenities & Things to Do around

Sayulita is an eclectic, boho-chic beach town sitting about an hour north of Puerto Vallarta. Visitors often say it is the ultimate in quaint Mexican surf towns. The region has become extremely popular in the last few years because of its colorful and lively atmosphere. Although the activities revolve around the tiny village, it is busy. Here, surfers, artists, and vacationers come to find an alternative living experience.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Surfers love Sayulita. The town was founded in the 1970s by surfers, and today, it is the go-to place for surfers in the Bay of Banderas. The surf scene here is the best in all of the bay. Its hippie-style beach town has great waves and an authentic laid-back vibe.

It is a village that charms anyone who comes, and people love to do the Mexican thing here. Aside from the surfing, it is one of the friendliest towns in Jalisco. Everyone waves hello, sits to have a chat, and respects your choice to either talk or walk away. Here, sombreros pass from hand to hand in the jostle of tequila bars and even in the cute central plaza.

In the daytime, visitors enjoy walking down the cobbled stoned streets. Walk into the creative shops, and enjoy coffee at a coffee shop. Sayulita is lined with cute colorful shops and restaurants that line the sidewalks. Walk along the beach and enjoy all the cool little bars, restaurants, and boutique hotels. This is a small village but a great place to experience a Mexican vacation.

The town is smack dab in the middle of the Riviera Nayarit and even sits within 15 minutes of some of the most excellent beaches of Punta Mita and Nayarit. The whole Sayulita, Punta Sayulita, and Punta Mita area have a ton of reefs, point breaks, and beginner-friendly breaks. Ok, so Sayulita may not have the best surfing globally, but certainly, in Mexico. There is an excellent selection of different types of rides, and you can gradually increase your ability by changing to other beach breaks.

Plus, Sayulita and Punta Sayulita offer you a perfect spot to venture further afield and experience some of the nearby surfing havens of San Pancho and Punta Mita.  This is a region where you won’t get bored and will never hurry.

Punta Sayulita sits about 15 minutes north of Punta Mita and about an hour north of Puerto Vallarta. The nearest international airport is in Puerto Vallarta, where many direct flights or private jet options are available. The airport is called PVR or Puerto Vallarta, and there are flights from most international airports in the United States and Canada.

You can find flights from Los Angeles, Austin, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, Houston, and many other major metropolis areas.

Flight websites offer many flights to Puerto Vallarta, and you may even find commercial flights for somewhere in the $200 range.

Every year more flights are added, and the number of airlines flying into Puerto Vallarta continues to grow. Still, you can always find standard airlines like American, United, Delta, and Spirit.

JetBlue has also added a new flight from New York to Puerto Vallarta, connected to JFK, in February of this year.

In addition, Puerto Vallarta has a large private jet hangar and private jet companies like Mexico Jet Charter and Evo Jets.

Sayulita is a walking town. The streets are narrow, and there is not enough space for parking. Many people walk throughout the city. But this can be tiring, especially if you want to get to know the whole region or go to other beach areas. The solution is to rent a golf cart, scooter, or motorcycle.

When renting one of these smaller vehicles, you get priority parking space and can park wherever (something quite challenging in a car). Plus it is a better value than taking a taxi everywhere.

A miniature golf cart or motorcycle rental gives you the freedom to set your schedule and go.

Some scooter and golf cart rental offices are downtown, and others are online, but prices generally start somewhere around $45.

All vehicles are fully charged, gassed, and serviced. Scooters come with DOT-regulated helmets for two people. Contact your concierge for help renting either a golf cart or scooter while staying.

Walking or riding in a local golf cart is the best option when staying in Punta Sayulita. Some homes have bicycles available, and they are also available in town. However, the golf carts are the most popular transportation option, but they run about $50 per day.

Taxis are available but have about a $5 cost for anywhere in town and a $50 to $90 fee to Puerto Vallarta or the airport. If you plan on exploring all the small villages and towns, buses are plentiful and cost only a dollar or two. However, renting a car is better if you want to travel in comfort. Just beware that parking a vehicle in Sayulita is a challenge, and you may need to park the car as far as half a mile away from where you plan ongoing.

Sayulita was founded in the 1970s by American surfers. As such, it has that beach party fame. Today it is a more boho artsy styled town where anyone, whether a surfer, a wealthy millennial, a hipster, or an alternative lifestyle lover, can enjoy all that Sayulita has to offer. In this town, neither race, age, nor profession matter. Everyone is welcome.

Sayulita is a quirky, laid-back town that welcomes any character, whether a yogi, a health nut, a party seeker, or a weekend tourist. So there is a massive nighttime action in this town.

The locals often consider Sayulita the go-to place for partying. It is the most vibrant town in the Riviera Nayarit region.  People from Bucerias, San Pancho, and Puerto Vallarta come here to drink on whatever night you arrive. The streets start hopping around 10:30 pm and continue until 3:00 pm. The Sayulita bars and clubs close at 3:00 am as per town regulations, but often the party goes on at someone’s residence.

You can expect to see many more people on the weekends as they come up from Guadalajara, which is only about a 3-mile drive. So if you want an international scene, Sayulita is the place to come.

Sayulita’s high season is from November to May. However, there are visitors here year-round, and if you don’t enjoy large crowds, then spring or summer may be the ideal time to visit.

Every year we see more tourists coming in the spring and summer see more tourists arriving in the spring and summer every year, especially over the weekends or official holidays.  The summer is an entirely different experience in Sayulita. The rains have started, and the jungle is lush and green. Thunderstorms and spectacular views from your Punta Sayulita vacation rental can often be enjoyed.

The busiest time is December, especially during Christmas and New Year. Although however, Semana Santa, or Easter week, is also hectic as this is when the Mexican families have their holidays.

Punta Sayulita is only a 5-minute walk to Sayulita. Bucerias or Punta Mita are only a 15-minute taxi ride from Punta Sayulita.

However, Puerto Vallarta is a little further away. It is only 22 miles from Puerto Vallarta, but traffic and other factors can influence its time to get to the city.  If you visit in the off-season, it may only take 45 minutes to get to Puerto Vallarta.  The traffic is much heavier; though more people work, more people live and drive into Puerto Vallarta.  You’ll often face delivery trucks, construction traffic, big rigs, and other commercial vehicle traffic, which will slow down your transit times. So much so that, at times, it may take as long as an hour and a half to get to Puerto Vallarta. 

Because of the distance, you can also expect taxi or driver fees to be higher. These fees will vary depending on whether it is peak season or not. A taxi van will cost somewhere between $50 to $75 to take you and your party to Puerto Vallarta.

It is always good to get in touch with your concierge to ensure you are charged the standard price for Puerto Vallarta. He can make the arrangements and ensure that your driver arrives at the required time.