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Villa Experience in Puerto Escondido offers a fine selection of luxury villa rentals. At Villa Experience, we know that the perfect vacation takes more than just booking the right vacation rental villa. We’re committed to providing tailor-made vacations for each of our clients. And we do this with our dedicated concierge service. With the help of our concierge, you’ll enjoy all that Puerto Escondido has to offer.



Check out Villa Experience’s finest collection of luxury villas in Puerto EscondidoOur concierge is there to help you to create your ultimate itinerary for your vacation. Peruse the tours available in Puerto Escondido: visit the surfer beach at Zicatela or Enjoy the beach life at Costa Cumana, or go for a Scuba Diving adventure. Once you’ve decided what activities you want to experience, your personal concierge will make sure every detail is in order to ensure you have a hassle-free and memorable visit. Then once you arrive, they will be there to greet you at your chosen luxury villa. They will then confirm that everything is in order and that you are settled in your beautiful residence, before ensuring you that they will remain at your service throughout your stay.

Located on the Emerald Coast of the Mexican state of Oaxaca, Puerto Escondido is an eclectic beach town with a bohemian personality. Puerto Escondido means “Hidden Port”, isn’t that a perfect name for a tropical retreat in the Mexican Riviera? The legend says that a young indigenous woman escaped from European pirates and got swimming in this Bay where she hid from them. Nowadays, Puerto Escondido has become an important tourism destination and is home for local fishermen, surfers, and a growing ex-pat community. If you have been planning for a long time that elusive hideaway to a tropical paradise, Puerto Escondido is the place for you and Villa Experience Puerto Escondido has the complete selection of luxury villa rentals in the most exclusive areas of Puerto Escondido such as Zicatela, La Punta, and Costa Cumana.

Puerto Escondido beaches are world famous mostly due its extraordinary conditions for surfing. Zicatela Beach has been called the “Mexican Pipeline” in reference to the Banzai Pipeline of Oahu, Hawaii. Once word spread over about the great break of Zicatela Beach, Puerto Escondido history as just another fishing village in the Pacific Coast of Mexico was over. Surfing competitions take place every year, bringing surfers from all around the world, showcasing the beauties of Puerto Escondido and putting the destination in the international spotlight. With the years, many of these visitors decided to stay, or came back whenever they could, creating that eclectic mix of Puerto Escondido residents that makes so different this town from every other in Mexican Pacific coast. Why don’t you give it a try and discover what is so alluring about Puerto Escondido that so many foreigners have chosen it as their home? Choose from our wide array of vacation rentals in the best zones of Puerto Escondido, including Carrizalillo Beach, Costa Cumana, and Zicatela Beach. Villa Experience rentals have been exquisitely decorated and include luxury amenities, of course, with private pool, exclusive chef service, and beachfront terrace.

Even though Puerto Escondido is a great surfing town, it has plenty of attractions unrelated to the spectacular waves of its beaches. El Adoquin, for instance, is the social hotspot of Puerto Escondido, a hip pedestrian walk where most restaurants, bars, and nightclubs are located. A 20-minute drive from Puerto Escondido you will find the enigmatic Manialtepec lagoon, where you can rent a kayak or a motorboat and head to the ocean; or visit the ecological reserve of La Ventanilla and immerse yourself in the exuberant vegetation of the tropic. Discover every Puerto Escondido secret, and have the vacations of your life in this tranquil, but cosmopolitan town in Mexico’s West Coast.

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