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Tankah & Soliman Bay

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Tankah & Soliman Bay Villa Rentals


Tankah Bay and Soliman Bay are a gorgeous couple of adjacent little bays where peace and tranquility are plentiful, and mass tourism is non-existent. They are located pretty close to Tulum, so much that in ancient times Tulum was actually part of the larger Mayan city of Tankah. The area is actually a low key community where privacy and luxury villas are the most coveted assets.

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There are no big resorts in these at Tankah & Soliman Bay and just a few boutique hotels scattered along the beach here and there. The beach can also found some cafés and restaurants. Access to the beach goes through the private community’s gates, making Tankah and Soliman bays two of the most exclusive beaches in the whole Riviera Maya. It can be a bit rocky for some tastes, but its waters are crystal clear and very calm, making in a favorite of snorkel fans and families with kids.

There is also a cenote in the area, making it a true natural paradise. The residential community at Soliman & Tankah Bay that grew organically on these secluded beaches is one of the lowest profile, low density in the region and one where you can find some of the most impressive beachfront villas in the Riviera Maya. We are talking about 8,000 square feet, hacienda-style estates.