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This is the only Punta Mita Resort residential community outside of the main peninsula. Ranchos Estates is set in an extraordinary stretch of beach overlooking the glorious Banderas Bay in all its majesty. It’s strategically located, within walking distance of the best surf break in the bay at La Lancha beach, and only 5 minutes away from the Punta Mita Resort. Needless to say, but still, all Ranchos Estates guests can enjoy all the Punta Mita Resorts amenities, as they have direct access to the community. Ranchos is a pretty unique development with just 20 properties, each one offering over an acre in size and more than 12,000 feet of interior living space. You will find some of the most outstanding villas in all Punta Mita designed by renowned international architects.

Ranchos may be away from mainland Punta Mita, but in several aspects sets the standard. It is that unique quality among all Punta Mita Resort communities that puts it on a whole different level because Ranchos Estates is the most exclusive and secluded of an already exclusive and secluded club. All mansions are oceanfront and include gorgeous private swimming pools, in-property Spa services, and can accommodate a minimum of 10 guests. However, several villas comfortably host up to 20 people without any problem. There are villas with as many as 14 bedrooms. Most of the properties include an outdoor Jacuzzi and indoor bathtubs, and all kinds of extraordinary touches of lavish luxury.

from $ 6,000 USD /night