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December 6, 2021

Where can I play golf when on vacation in Punta Mita?

punta mita golf courses

Litibu Golf Course

Bahia Golf Course

Pacifico Golf Course

Punta Mita Golf Courses

When renting a luxury villa, take advantage of exclusive access to of the world’s most renowned private golf courses at Litibu and within the gates of Punta Mita, Mexico.

pacifico golf course punta mita

Pacifico Golf Course

Aim for the greatness of the Pacifico Golf Course in Punta Mita and bring your game to the highest level. We are proud to present to you the Pacifico Golf Course in Punta Mita, Nayarit, one of the world’s best and most exciting golf courses. The legendary Jack Nicklaus created a masterpiece with the now-famous Tale of the Whale green on a natural island. Thus, making the last hole of this course a very challenging target for all types of golfers.

Located inside the prestigious Punta Mita Club gates, the Pacifico Golf Course is exclusively for full-time residents of this private community and the eventual guests. The carefully kept course features immaculate fairways, sand hazards, and shiny greens for you to bring all the theory to practice. Even the tiniest details were considered and polished on this course.

We have a wide selection of golf clubs and shoes for rent in the most prestigious brands as an additional service. Would you please let us know in advance if you require this service and if you are right-handed or left-handed? We also have golf clubs for kids if they come with them and want to practice.

We all love the sound of the driver when it hits the ball to get the game rolling early in the morning. Enjoy the unique vistas of Banderas Bay and the Sierra Madre Mountains while you play at the Pacifico Golf Course. The fairways run close to luxurious estates and the exuberant nature of the jungle, at all times giving the player a visual treat of the beautiful surroundings. Sure holes are right on the shore, and you’ll be able to enjoy the ocean breeze and the sound of the waves as you play. Do not miss the opportunity to visit this course and take a successful swing on its grounds.

Stay on top of the game and bring all the theory to practice. The Punta Mita Club has a golf academy for those looking to work on their technique and make some improvements. The Pro will be more than happy to assist you, share his knowledge with you, and make the necessary suggestions.

If you’re the type of player who likes the assistance of a caddie, you’ll be able to hire one when paying for your tee time. The moral support and timely suggestions from a caddie are priceless. Still, the highly trained caddies at the Punta Mita Club will not make any comments or suggestions about their initiative. However, they’ll be ready to keep your score, hand you the suitable iron, bring the golf cart closer to the game, and clean your golf set when the game is over.

*Caddie services come at an extra price; they’ll make sure to let you know the rate and if you’re getting a preferred rate for your tee time as well. Also, don’t forget to stop by the Pro Shop and take a look at all the cool gear they have to offer.

Take yourself to the Pro Shop and buy everything you need to stay up to date with all the new trends in golf apparel, hybrids, golf bags, sunglasses, shoes, and hats. There is a large inventory in all the prestigious brands out there. You’ll have a grand time doing your shopping and getting the essential equipment for your best performance.

bahia golf course punta mita

Bahia Golf Course

Take pride in your swings at the panoramic Bahia Golf Course. One of the main highlights in Punta Mita continues to be the remarkable Bahia Golf Course, where you can work on your handicap and perfect your game while you get a suntan and enjoy the tropical weather.

Offering perfectly trimmed fairways, challenging bunkers, and extensive rough areas, the Bahia Golf Course is a beautiful paradise for those looking to play in exciting new locations. This Jack Nicklaus signature golf course has the best there is in the sport, whether you’re just looking to practice the game, play with friends, or have real competition.

There’s nothing to worry about if you don’t like to carry your clubs when you travel. We have a large inventory of golf clubs in the most prestigious brands for you to use. All we need to know is if you’re left-handed or right-handed. Oh, wait! Bring the kids with you? Not a problem, we have clubs for them too. Perhaps you want them to learn the game, to take a better posture for a masterful swing. There is a golf academy where they can learn from a Pro how to swing their first birdies while you get a bucket at the driving range. Isn’t that just fantastic? Well, those are just some of the options here.

You’ll have such a good time golfing at the Bahia Golf Course that you’ll want to invite some friends for the next time around? As you drive your golf cart along with the Bahia Golf Course, you’ll have stunning ocean views combined with views of the Sierra Madre mountains. At times you’ll be playing close to the scenic shore of the bay, enjoying the elements to the fullest, feeling the ocean breeze and tropical sunshine.

It is the perfect location to befriend other players, strike a conversation about the sport or talk about the things you have in common with your friends. Golf is all about having a good time, and there is no easier way to have a good time than being on vacation at a beautiful place.

Keep up with the fashionable golf lifestyle and enjoy the products at the Pro Shop. Take advantage of the opportunity and visit the Pro Shop at Bahia Golf Course, where you can buy exclusive brand products like golf clubs, hats, gloves, apparel, golf tees, sunglasses, shoes, golf balls, and even gifts for you to take back home.

Do you need someone to keep your score, hand you the right wedge, and be just the right company? How about a seasoned caddie? The caddies at the Bahia Golf Course will be more than glad to assist you during the game. They’ll make sure to keep your score, find your golf balls, hand you the right hybrid, and take care of your golf set. And although they’re knowledgeable about the sport, they won’t give you any suggestions or opinions unless asked.

*Caddie services come at an extra price; they’ll make sure to let you know the rate and if you’re getting a preferred rate for your tee time as well. Have fun!

litibu golf course
Litibu Golf Course

Bring Your Expertise To The Green. Push the limits of the game at the Litibu Golf Course, where the beautiful surroundings will make your experience a lot more interesting. This well-maintained course was designed by the famous Greg Norman, with the most significant challenge being to preserve the beauty of the area while creating a top-notch golf course. All the efforts paid off, and the outcome was an extraordinary masterpiece, offering a smooth transition from the tee box to the fairways and greens. Then, take the player on a grand tour with breathtaking ocean and virgin jungle views.

By “smooth transition,” we don’t mean an easy game at all. The numerous bunkers and wild contours will keep you busy and focused, requiring your physical and mental balance at all times. So when visiting the exclusive Punta Mita area, do not miss booking your tee time at the Litibu Golf Course; you’ll have a blast. If, for any reason, you are traveling without your golf clubs and golf shoes, no problem. You’ll be able to rent a set of clubs and shoes (if necessary) for a fair price. As in any other PGA-rated course, there is a dress code in place for players.

Step up your game at the enchanting Litibu Golf Course in Punta Mita. The Litibu Golf Course extends to the Iberostar and Conrad Hilton resorts, situated in a gated community and a short drive from Punta Mita. With fewer golfers than other local courses, you’ll be able to play at your own pace without having other players following close behind. This golf course, of course, becomes the ideal place if you’re bringing your kids or a new friend to learn the game. But the course is, by all means, professional level.

You’ll be able to do a great deal of golfing here without hassle. The course offers a new approach to the game, a fantastic layout, but some holes are a real challenge due to the long range. The good news is that sometimes this course offers good deals if you book 3 or 5 tee times at once. They also have fair prices year-round.

If you love the golf lifestyle and like to be around like-minded people, you can dine and use the lounge area at their restaurant. We recommend you to take a walk to their beach (which is also allowed); it is just beyond reality. Feel the ocean breeze caress your face as you play; enjoy all the sunshine you can. Come out of the hazard with your best wedge, swing your best hybrids, and bring your mastery to the putting green. The greatness of Litibu awaits you.

*Your Villa Experience concierge can book your tee time at this or any other golf course; just let us know in advance. We’ll be glad to provide you with that service.

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