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November 26, 2015

The New Puerto Vallarta Malecon Boardwalk

You haven’t really been to Vallarta if you didn’t spend some time strolling at the famous sea-side promenade. The Malecon is the heart of Puerto Vallarta and probably the oldest tourist attraction and a favorite place for a relaxing walk at sunset. The excursion starts at the Hotel Rosita and finishes at the new pier at Los Muertos Beach. You can easily spend an hour or more if you want to see it all. In 2012 the Malecon was reopened after a controversial renovation project that divided the society of Puerto Vallarta. Some people wanted to maintain the original charm, and some welcomed the new version of the Malecon with open arms. What is more, it was awarded the prize to the Best Urban Design Project in the country at the XII National Biennale of Mexican Architecture 2012, in Durango.

The fact is that the new pathway along the Pacific Ocean has some features that make it even more attractive than it used to be. First of all, it is now much wider and closed to cars. You can stop at one of many boutiques or restaurants and then walk to the seaside to take a picture without risking your life. Nothing competes with the sound of the ocean, and your kids can run around freely. The new Malecon now, albeit still missing some more shade, is much more colorful and tropical. The city installed numerous planters along the whole promenade with lush vegetation. The plants and palm trees are growing, and hopefully, in the future, they will protect even more from sunshine. The inlaid black stones from Huichol designs are also a beauty to the eyes and worth a set of pictures.

 The famous Malecon sculptures are obviously back, although some of them changed the location, and all of them got a new exposition. A picture with “El Caballito” (the Seahorse) is a total must during your walk. In high season there is a free tour every Tuesday at 9.30 am departing from the sculpture “Millenium” at the Hotel Rosita on which you will get to know the history of each piece. If you are an active person, you can rent for an hour free of charge, a bicycle for two, and a tricycle for your kid. The city also rents wheelchairs and strollers, and you are very likely to meet other bikers, skaters, and joggers.

The best time for a walk on the Malecon is at sunset. It is not so hot anymore, and you can sit down at great stairs that descend to the ocean and are a great point to relax, watch the waves, and breathe the ocean breeze. And last but not least, there are plenty of eateries, shops, clubs, free tequila tasting, sand sculptures, street artists along the Malecon that make the place alive 24/7. It is a perfect and beautiful space that you cannot miss on your trip to Puerto Vallarta.

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