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Posted by Villa Experience on 2018-12-03
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The Picnic Company – Catering & Special Events in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Picnic Service Option Premium

The Picnic Company is a catering project founded by Veronica Gonzalez and Marc Maass, specializing in the catering of small to medium sized groups of up to 12 people in the form of picnics for all occasions in Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding area. Veronica Gonzalez reflects the organizational talent of the Picnic Company. In addition to the direction of marketing, she lovingly takes care of the decoration of every single picnic. In her spare time, she loves to go for long walks in nature and just to experience the moment. With the Picnic Company, she can combine both to enjoy, share, and grow inwardly.

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Marc Maaß, originally from Berlin Germany, is the culinary head of the Picnic Company, which is responsible for the purchase, the creations of the Picnic Platters, the details, and the photo shooting. Since his childhood, he has been overwhelmed by the variety of spices, which he was able to prove in his gastronomy studies in Berlin. “For me personally, cooking is about different tastes and creating culinary explosions out of simple dishes”! Vero and Marc understand each customer individually and offer lovingly designed Picnic Platters, which the guest can put together personally. From a variety of different fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, antipasti, dips, desserts and drinks, the customer has a free choice. The various price levels form transparency across the board so that the perfect picnic can be put together for every budget.


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Vegans & Vegetarians also get their money’s worth with a menu featuring a variety of fruits, grilled vegetables, hand-made vegan creams and dips, vegan cheese, vegan desserts, and drinks. Enjoy the vegan way of life with the Picnic Company! For those who want to travel, take an excursion or a boat trip, but do not want to miss out on the luxury of mobility and quality, the Picnic Company offers personalized picnic boxes and packed lunches, which leave nothing to be desired. For Marc and Vero, the focus is on the quality and the attention to detail, which you not only see in the decoration but also taste everything.




Every picnic event offers an extraordinary experience. The guest always retains total control and decides what his perfect picnic should look like. There are several color combinations to choose from. Be it the traditional picnic with its red and white tartan look mixed with forest impressions reminiscent of the times of Queen Victoria; the Into the Blue Picnic, which captivates with its blue-white hues and makes one instantly think of the sea, the clouds and the expanse of the horizon; the Mexican Picnic, with its rich colors and eye-catching decorative elements, offering delicious margaritas, botanas, salsas and more as an oasis of joy; the White Room Picnic, which combines timeless elegance with natural lightness and thus invites you to dream and linger with soft colors in white and pink, the Golden Light Picnic, which stands out for its black-white-golden accents and luxury and sophisticated appearance in or to translate to the Boho Chic Picnic, which symbolizes the lifestyle of the free spirits and hippies and thus understands its own dynamics.



Last but not least – the customer can choose from a variety of rental items such as Bluetooth speaker, selfie stick, towels, boule/ petanque, and beach games, etc., and so can assemble his perfect picnic according to his wishes. Veronica and Marc know how to create all dishes with love, passion, care and patience, which is not only a feast for the eyes, but a pleasure for the senses. Quality takes its time. The goal of the Picnic Company is to bring the enjoyment of all its facets into nature and bring people together, making the picnic a unique experience.

Enjoy your meal! Enjoy your company! The Picnic Company looks forward to serving you!


Our office hours: 9 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday, Telephone: (+52 1) 322 288 2063

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