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Posted by Villa Experience on 2015-11-26

Wedding Photography Puerto Vallarta by Josef Kandoll

Josef Kandoll is one of these people in Puerto Vallarta that everybody knows or at least has heard of. Maybe you are not sure why his name sounds so familiar to you. Maybe you have seen a photograph signed by Josef Kandoll in a local newspaper, magazine or website, or maybe somebody has shared it on facebook. Maybe you have read an article in his signature below. Maybe he made pictures at your friends’ wedding. Maybe… The fact is that the name Josef Kandoll is familiar to almost everybody here in Vallarta and taking into consideration that he has come here a bit over a decade ago, it’s quite an achievement.

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Puerto Vallarta Wedding Photography

Josef Kandoll is originally from Washington State but lives now in the quaint downtown of Puerto Vallarta, in Mexico. He studied artistic photography and completed his formation with various journalism workshops to join his two great passions: images and writing. As he found Mexican culture fascinating, he decided to move down from the United States and make his life on the other side of the border, choosing Puerto Vallarta as his second home. Mexico, he says, offers a magic combination of creativity, history, art, people, and endless opportunities to experiment all of them every single day.

He came here and immersed himself totally. He learned Spanish walking on the streets of Vallarta and talking to local people and reading as much as he could. He fell in love with pozole, menudo and enchiladas suizas. He maintained himself awake during long hours of work thanks to tacos de lengua. He even worked as an English teacher for one season, before making his name as a journalist and photographer. Now, he is simply one citizen more of this beautiful city contributing as a writer and photographer to write its history.

puerto vallarta wedding photographyHe never stops working. When he is not writing an article for local and international magazines, he makes photographs. You can probably meet him with his camera at the major events of Banderas Bay and later find his photographs on the web. You may request his services for a wedding and you will get an unforgettable set of photographs: preparations, family portraits, group shots, atmosphere, toasts, details. Later, in rough times, you may look at the pictures and remember when your happiness began.

He is also a villa photographer. It is very important to possess great images of your rental vacation villa that will make it look more spectacular than hundreds other villas available in the area. He also takes pictures of everything related to movement, dancing, sports, yachting, to eternize the escaping moment.

Next time you will see the name “Josef Kandoll” written somewhere, you will know why he is familiar. Don’t forget to check the following pages to get to know Josef Kandoll’s work.


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