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November 26, 2015

The Dolce Vita Diaries | Luxury Lifestyle in Puerto Vallarta

We all know the saying, “best things in life are free,” but whoever created that slogan wasn’t into the vagaries of a luxury lifestyle and the therapeutic effects an auspicious environment can work on our minds and bodies. The graceful elegance of Villa Bahia works in tandem with its full bunch of cutting-edge facilities and amenities to create the ideal surroundings for inspiration to soar, a healthy hedonism to recharge your body batteries, and serenity to pour from your satisfied heart.

Thanks to the unbeatable location of Villa Bahia on the South Bay of Puerto Vallarta, its 10,000 sq. ft. of living space serve as a panoramic window into one of the gorgeous natural bays of our little blue marble. With this luxury contemporary villa opening in the most sought-after area in town, Puerto Vallarta gets a new star in its vacation rental offer for the most sophisticated travelers.

Villa Bahia makes the ideal retreat for a personal milestone, family reunion, or discreet corporate event. Guests will enjoy great intimacy in their private quarters, adorned with understated paintings and sculptures that serve to integrate you swiftly in the tropical climate of the Mexican Riviera. Each one of the five master suites provides its guests with a long private terrace to admire the lit bay at nights while enjoying the last refreshing drink. It’s eye candy wherever you look!

How would you spend your day at this oceanfront luxury villa ready to pamper you? You can look at your master suite as your private apartment, with the welcoming upgrade of personalized room service by our attentive staff. And it’s a suite with a view… from the northern Punta de Mita peninsula down to Los Arcos islands in front of Mismaloya Beach, that was popularized by the Hollywood stars that landed here to film “The Night of the Iguana” during the roaring ’60s. You can still see Liz Taylor’s private getaway close by in front of the ocean; why wouldn’t you treat yourself to the same privilege?

Once socializing time kicks in, the shared spaces enjoy the amplitude, facilities, and luminosity ideal for impromptu cocktail parties at sunset, hedonistic days by the infinity pool, and spa with your favorite soundtrack, or the attractive idea of al fresco dining and wine under the stars. Let your concerns in the hands of your personal concierge, who will make any necessary arrangements for you, and concentrate on enjoying all the thrills of la dolce vita from this exclusive paradise in Puerto Vallarta that opens its doors to welcome you to the luxury villa lifestyle you truly deserve. Life doesn’t get better than this!

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