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September 13, 2021

Punta Mita Vacation Home Experiences

Casa Tres Soles Punta Mita

Casa Tres Soles Punta Mita

Vacation home experiences vary by tenant. Do you feel your last vacation rental mirrored your taste and intentions for the stay? We are willing to bet it did. For example, when looking for the ideal vacation rental for a family holiday, you might opt for a larger home with flexible spaces. On the other hand, if you plan a getaway for two, you would probably consider a condo or penthouse with a terrace. In either scenario, it is almost impossible for everyone to want to enjoy the same space in the same way. That seems rather obvious, but why? Well, that is because the experience is influenced by the guest’s likes and expectations, becoming a reflection of them; this is often the case for guests in Punta Mita. Homes in this prestigious peninsula are notorious for creating engaging experiences, and they do so by emulating the guest’s perception of an idyllic coastal retreat and incorporating flexible living spaces.

Thus, allowing the guest complete freedom and flexibility to choose how to enjoy their time and space. Those who like to live beyond the boundaries of the ordinary have discovered an irresistible offer here: the opportunity to revel in relaxation and find thrilling adventures, all in one place. Seamless indoor-outdoor living experiences are the ideal way of life in this glamorous community—a true reflection of the Lifestyle our members enjoy.

Villa La Vida Punta Mita Drone

Villa La Vida Punta Mita

Whether that is smoothly transitioning from a high indoor living area to an expansive terrace with a private plunge pool or waking up to encasing ocean views and immediately stepping out to the beach, the lines that limit typical living spaces are so ingeniously blurred they often go unnoticed. In some cases, they are simply non-existent. To explore this liberating Lifestyle and give you an idea of what it is like, we met with Robin Smith, a wonderful person and manager of several villas in the Punta Mita area. They graciously offered us a glimpse into Casa la Vida in La Punta Estates and Casa Tres Soles at El Banco Punta de Mita. Each villa has its very own style and natural surroundings.

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