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Peter Terrin Artwork Riviera Maya

Posted by Villa Experience on 2015-11-26

If you happen to find yourself on the Riviera Maya in Mexico you will probably have seen quite a few beaches, snorkeled and swum around a bit, eaten in a few restaurants, and maybe played a round or two of golf. If you get to the point where you’re hankering after a bit of culture with a different twist, you could do a lot worse than take a trip to Puerto Aventuras to check out the imaginative and impressive paintings of Peter Terrin at his studio, on the street, or at shows in this charming, tranquil seaside resort. It’s relatively easy to move around the Riviera Maya and a visit to Puerto Aventuras is well worth it for the town, beaches and Terrin collection. ‘Puerto’, as the locals call it, is just twenty minutes south of Playa del Carmen, an hour south of Cancun, and twenty-five minutes north of Tulum.

 An upscale residential and vacation community known for its deep-sea marina, Puerto Aventuras also has plenty of deep-sea fishing, scuba diving, fine restaurants, gift shops, and dolphin swimming. Peter Terrin has developed a style and technique that has caught the attention of many who have seen his work. His portraits of faces revealing every kind of expression and mood are painted on very large canvases using acrylics and pallet knives and spatulas.  It seems almost impossible that such apparently crude pallet strokes (or ‘dots’, as he calls them) could evolve into the stunning and limpid whole that is the final amalgamation of the process.

His portraits reflect a passionate engagement with his subjects, while the patience and skill that goes into blending rich colors in an innovative way in order to come up with something much bigger than the parts, reflect the mastering of a technique that sets his work apart. Terrin would prefer to be defined by his techniques and style rather than by his subjects – “I want people to look at my work and not say ‘Mmm, what a beautiful lady’ but say ‘how the hell did he do that?”

 He hails from Belgium and has an interesting approach to producing outstanding art. He is convinced that his work has developed hand in hand with his training as a triathlete, drawing on the energy and satisfaction that this produces to constantly enhance his energy and creativity as an artist. This holistic take, linking the inner to the outer, the art to the sport, has led to sharper and brighter creations. Inspired by his beautiful surroundings in Puerto Aventuras, Terrin is convinced that his career really took off once he moved to the Riviera Maya, which, when you look around, is not difficult to believe.

Such a wealth of natural beauty should be able to inspire anyone in some kind of way. So why not take a trip to Puerto Aventuras and see if it inspires you? Not surpisingly, you can view and buy his large originals and Giclée prints online, but there’s nothing quite like going right to the source of the inspiration, particularly when the source also happens to offer fabulous weather and beautiful beaches in a gorgeous setting.

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