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An Insider’s Guide to Travel in Mexico

Posted by Villa Experience on 2015-11-26

Written by veteran traveler Nathan Segal, An Insider’s Guide to Mexico is the result of travelling to Mexico for nine years and having lived in Mexico for three of those years. Here are some of the highlights of the guide:

• How to find affordable travel insurance. My top recommendations are on page 11.

• Need a Mobile Phone? A handy guide on pages 17-19 shows you how to use your existing phone or find one for less than $50 in Mexico.

• Are you planning to drive to Mexico? On pages 7-9 you’ll find out why you need Mexican insurance and why you need to buy it before you go to Mexico. You’ll also learn about the rules of the road and how to drive safely (complete with illustrations).

• Do you want to stay in Mexico for a few weeks or longer? Find out how to get a great apartment or house with the guide on pages 16-17.

• Is a good Internet connection important to you? Make sure the place you’re staying at offers WIFI or a hard-wired connection. If you want to get your own connection, pages 32-33 gives you all the details on the different Internet services available, including different types of aircards to use.

• Want a great digital camera? You’ll learn what to look for on page 20. If you already have a camera, pages 21-23 will show you how to take better photographs.

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