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Mexican Senate Wants To Promote LGBT Tourism In Mexico

Posted by Villa Experience on 2015-11-26

The Mexican Senate on April 30, 2014 approved the proposal by Congresswoman Luz Maria Beristain Navarrete of implementing strategies promoting LGBT Tourism in Mexico and creating a deputy office of sexual diversity on federal level. 

It is important for tourism sector to understand the size and value of the gay tourism market around the world and its potential for Mexico. The LGBT sector is estimated to be formed by 180 million of potential tourists that look for gay destinations that respect their lifestyle and offer luxury, health and beauty services together with cultural and entertainment activities. Only in the United States, there are 15 million of gay tourists that represent different ethnic groups and last year they spent altogether over 64 billion dollars.  

It is no wonder, that gay couples, with no children and two careers, in general have grater income, greater expenses and greater time to spend their money. They travel more, own more homes and cars, and spend more on everything.  According to the research made by Community Marketing, Inc in the year 2009 alone, 83% of U.S homosexual citizens have a passport, compared to 34% of all U.S: adults. They are a dream market for the tourism industry.

It is supposed that 10% of the earnings of the tourism sector around the world are generated by the LGBT public what makes it highly attractive for travel agencies, hotels, airlines, entertainment centers, clubs, restaurants, etc. According to statistics, a gay tourist spends between 60 and 100 dollars a day on entertainment, independently of the hotel costs.

However, Mexico has not been focusing on this valuable LGBT tourism, and it only offers one destination that receives this attractive niche market. Puerto Vallarta is the only place that centers its efforts on the gay market and adapts its promotion and strategies to the specific needs. Currently, this beach city is on the second place, after Buenos Aires, of the top gay destinations in Latin America.

Last year, 5 million of LGBT tourists spent in Mexico 8 billion dollars and just to compare, in Brazil, the same sector spends about 20 billion dollars annually.
For all the reasons mentioned above, the congresswoman Luz Maria Navarrete Beristain emphasized that there is a great need to grow the LGBT tourist market in Mexico. This should be accompanied by the strategies to provide more security to this area and to promote human rights relative to sexual diversity in the Mexican society.
PAN and PRD parties agreed on the benefits it will bring to Mexican economy. The LGBT tourism, according to Senator Daniel Avila Ruiz, requires more investment and will generate more job positions in the country.

Puerto Vallarta is definitely not the only destination that will benefit from this situation. Cancun, Baja California, and also Mexico City have a great potential in this area to be still discovered. The Gay and Lesbian tourism market seems to be the only one that is growing in the tourism and travel industry, and it definitely needs special attention in countries like Mexico that depend highly on tourism.

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