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Riviera Maya Villa Rental Staff & Services

Ages 13 or above
Ages 2 to 12
Under 2 years

Fully Staffed Villa Rentals in Riviera Maya!

When you rent a Riviera Maya villa, you get the ultimate luxurious experience. It is a place where we will pamper you,
catered to, and where you can enjoy a living experience made for ultimate relaxation.
Our team goes out of its way to ensure that every villa is perfect and ready for our guest's arrival.

Preparing The Villa for Your Vacation!

As an example of our type of service, one of the first things we can offer is purchasing wine and liquor, flowers, groceries, baby equipment, and anything else you need. We can even arrange for an in-home therapeutic massage service on the very first day of your stay. If the villa offers chef service, the chef can also prepare your first night’s menu and first breakfast.

Once you reserve, you can work with the chef to plan the menu for the days of your stay. However, not every villa offers chef services. The villa service description will indicate whether this service is included or ad additional cost.

Be Sure to Tip The Staff

Gratuities are essential here in Mexico and make a difference in the quality of life of staff members. Each member of the staff goes out of their way to ensure that your stay is as pleasant as possible. As such, we offer the average tipping suggestion for the Riviera Maya. We suggest a minimum of $15 tip per day per adult in your group. The total trip is then split evenly among the staff members.

So, for example, if you have ten adult guests in the house, each member should contribute $15 per day, totaling about $150 per day, and split among the staff upon your departure.

The Villa Staff on Call During Your Stay

All villa rentals come with housekeeping services to ensure the property is always beautiful and exquisitely laid out for your stay. The staff can also work with you on any requests such as special foods or shopping recommendations. If you have a special event or need special services like photography sessions, massages, a unique fitness class, etc., our concierge services can help fulfill this need for you. If you know of your requirements before your arrival, be sure to contact our concierge to set it up for you.

Many Riviera Maya villas include a cook, housekeeper, and barman. These are the in-house people that take care of the day-to-day maintenance of the home. Usually, the staff arrives at 8:00 and leaves by 6:00. Arrangements must be made with your Riviera Maya concierge in advance if you need them to come later or leave later. Additionally, it would be best to remember that most staff members arrive by public transportation and need to go while public transport is still available.


If your villa includes the services of a chef, the estate will consist of two meals a day, plus a few snacks. Guests usually outline their menu choices before arrival. However, some guests prefer to choose their menu and give the cook a 24-hour advanced notice of the meal plan. The cook or houseman does the shopping, and you must reimburse him for grocery shopping and cab fare once he returns. In most of the Riviera Maya, businesses accept U.S. currency. Therefore, you can make payments in dollars at the current daily exchange rate.

The cost of food and beverages from the grocery store is budgeted at about $25-$30 U.S. per day per person. This includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and domestic wines and liquors. International liquor or exceptional wines may have an additional cost.

Villa Staff Members!

At Villa Experience, we strive to offer our guests every comfort and amenity available in Los Cabos.
Our homes are staffed by a team of professionals who have years of experience providing superior hospitality services.
To help you understand our rental homes and the level of luxury you will experience at one of our villas, we have compiled a list
of the villa staff members and described how they would assist you during your stay.

The Villa Manager

The property manager’s responsibility is to ensure the house is in order and that everything runs smoothly. His tasks include paying attention to the guests and ensuring that staff members meet their needs. In addition, managers work diligently to make guests’ stay enjoyable, including dealing with employees, preparing the home for special requests, and managing reservations.

The Chef

The villa experience is never complete without an experienced chef who creates wondrous and tasty creations. These masters of the culinary arts are always making something ingenious for guests to savor.