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June 27, 2018

How to Stay Fit While On Vacation At A Private Villa in Mexico!

Fitness At Private Villa

The one annoying thing about going on vacation to a luxury private villa in a tropical beach destination in Mexico is that all those months of big effort going to the gym go to waste as the hedonistic surroundings don’t inspire many to work out. However, it doesn’t have to be that way; with a bit of discipline and a well-designed schedule, you can both stay fit and have fun while on holiday.

Here is how:

Morning Yoga by the Beach
Nothing compares to the peaceful ambiance of the early morning freshness. All you need is a mat and the will to re-connect with nature and your inner self. Of course, yoga is not only a meditation technique but a demanding exercise. An hour of yoga will make you sweat all the Margaritas from the day before and help ease that guilty feeling.

Non-motorized Water Sports
Most private villas by the beach include a wide array of non-motorized water sports equipment. From paddleboards to kayaks, including boogies and surfboards, the options are there, and the opportunity to do a different kind of exercise is just too good. What’s more, paddling your way deep in the sea is a very relaxing and humbling experience.

Just Swim!
Oh, swimming! The most underappreciated sport, but one of the most complete exercises ever invented by humans. You are at the beach, make the most of it, work on your tan and stay fit at the same time. Either in your private infinity pool or in the ocean, swimming will give you the perfect excuse to be with your own thoughts and push your limits even on vacation.

Get on a bike!
These days it is ubiquitous for private villas to include a couple of bicycles to tour the property. So this is the perfect excuse to go out exploring the gorgeous beach town you are visiting while getting all the cardio you need and working out those legs. A good combination of swimming in the morning and cycling in the afternoon, well, could be all you need to do during your vacations to get back home as fit as you left.

Use your private gym!
A good villa will include a small private gym fully equipped with cardio and strength machinery, free weights, and some Pilates stuff, maybe. These small but gorgeous fitness centers enjoy spectacular ocean views more often than not, and it’s actually a pleasure to work out in them. The best part? You already paid for it!

Eat well; drink little!
Maybe the most difficult part. It won’t matter how many kilometers you do on your bike or how many laps you do on your swimming pool if you drink too many beers while enjoying your tropical getaway. Most luxury villas include private chef service, so you have the power to define your daily meals, the kind of food you are getting, and how it all will affect your health and fitness. Talk to your chef, and find the right balance between the healthy ingredients you want and the tasty food you deserve during your vacations.

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