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February 12, 2024

Announcing the Grand Opening of Las Villas PV

Redefining Luxury Villa Rentals in Puerto Vallarta

Breathtaking view of Las Villas PV, showcasing the villa's luxurious exterior against the backdrop of Puerto Vallarta's natural beauty.

Welcome to Las Villas PV

We’re excited to unveil Las Villas PV, Puerto Vallarta’s latest jewel in luxury villa rentals. This grand property stretches over 20,528 square feet. It beautifully marries Mexico’s rich heritage with contemporary luxury, inspired by Tulum’s serene beauty.

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Experience Unmatched Elegance at Las Villas PV

Following a transformative renovation, Las Villas PV now stands as a symbol of luxury. It combines Puerto Vallarta’s natural beauty with the elegance of modern design. The villa offers sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean, setting a new luxury standard.

Exclusive Amenities Await You

Las Villas PV pampers guests with top-notch amenities. From salt-water pools to a relaxing Jacuzzi and elegant dining areas, everything caters to your comfort. It’s a place where every detail ensures an indulgent experience.

Social Spaces and Private Nooks

Casa Comos, the villa’s heart, boasts the Panoramic Grand Sal. This area comfortably welcomes over 40 guests. With its dining rooms and bars, the villa balances lively gatherings with peaceful solitude.

A Journey of Transformation

The villa’s two-year overhaul has added a new grand palapa, larger living spaces, and a modern Mexican design. This design features a Tulum flair, elevating the property’s grandeur.

Design and Architecture

Las Villas PV showcases modern Mexican architecture, utilizing materials like smooth concrete and tropical hardwoods. This design approach creates a serene, beach-inspired ambiance while celebrating Mexico’s cultural legacy.

Comfort Meets Style

The villa’s interior, adorned with unique finds from Mexico and beyond, emphasizes comfort. Eight luxurious bedrooms and bathrooms offer a perfect blend of luxury and homeliness.

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The Ultimate Venue for Exclusive Events

Las Villas PV can host up to 18 guests, which is perfect for exclusive events. The villa provides a memorable setting, whether it’s a wedding or corporate retreat.

Managed by Experts

Villa Experience, known for its luxury villa rentals since 2006, exclusively manages thew rentals at Las Villas PV. Their expertise ensures every stay is beyond exceptional.

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What is Las Villas PV?

Las Villas PV is a newly opened luxury villa in Puerto Vallarta that offers a unique blend of traditional Mexican design and modern luxury. It features extensive amenities, including two salt-water pools, a Jacuzzi, and exclusive dining areas, set within a property over 20,528 square feet.

How many guests can Las Villas PV accommodate?

Las Villas PV can comfortably accommodate up to 18 guests across its eight luxurious bedrooms and bathrooms, making it an ideal choice for families, large groups, and exclusive events.

Can Las Villas PV be rented for events?

Yes, Las Villas PV is the perfect venue for lavish events, including weddings, birthday celebrations, yoga retreats, leadership retreats, and corporate events. Its luxurious spaces and breathtaking setting provide the ideal backdrop for unforgettable gatherings.

Who to contact for reservations at Las Villas PV?

Las Villas PV is exclusively managed by Villa Experience, a well-established villa rental company with expertise in luxury accommodations since 2006. Their extensive experience ensures every stay is exceptional.

What makes Las Villas PV stand out in the luxury villa rental market in Puerto Vallarta?

Las Villas PV sets a new standard in luxury with its unique architecture, modern Mexican design with a Tulum twist, and unparalleled amenities. Managed by the The ultimate Villa Experience, Las Villas PV offers personalized service, ensuring a stay that blends luxury with the comforts of home.

Are there any exceptional amenities or features at Las Villas PV?

Among its standout features, Las Villas PV boasts two salt-water pools, a tranquil Jacuzzi, panoramic dining and bar areas, a private gym, and a media room. Each space is designed to offer guests the ultimate in relaxation and entertainment.

How can I book a stay or event at Las Villas PV?

To book your stay or inquire about hosting an event at Las Villas PV, you can contact Villa Experience directly through their website or phone. Their team will assist you with all the arrangements to ensure a personalized and luxurious experience.

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