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Mamitas Beach

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Mamitas Beach Condo Rentals


It’s quite a popular option to rent a luxurious apartment or penthouse in the area to enjoy the beach a few days in a row. Mamitas Beach is one of the most beloved zones by Real Estate. These are not gated communities but top-notch towers that host incredible gems, from comfy studios to spacious penthouses with rooftop infinity pools. It’s just a short walk away from all the buzz and hustle of 5th Avenue, but you will enjoy peace and privacy at night.

If you are one of those that visited Playa del Carmen more than 10 years ago, you will probably remember Mamitas Beach with nostalgia. It was the one and the only beach downtown, with cool little bars, wide, white-sand beaches, beautiful people from all over the world, and this laidback atmosphere that you look for after a whole year of hard work in an office in a more gray part of this world. Well, dare to live it now!



Although there will always be people that will pine for old times, you cannot deny that Mamitas Beach now is a world-class beach and destination. It’s still wide and white-sand, it still boasts its turquoise Caribbean waters, it is still popular with beautiful people from all over the world, and although it’s still laid back, it’s also funky, hip and bustling with life and events. You can come and bring your own beach set, but it will be much funnier to spend a day in one of the popular beach clubs, rent a lounge chair, sip a cold Martini and enjoy delicious and spicy Aguachile with fresh shrimps.