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March 24, 2017

Quiet Beaches in and Around Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is known for its endless beautiful beaches; from small white-sand beaches to rocky coves, Puerto Vallarta has it all. One of its most known beaches is Playa de Los Muertos. You have probably already heard of it; a beautiful soft sand beach with nearby shopping, delicious restaurants… the full experience. However, it is one of the most frequented beaches in Puerto Vallarta, both locals and tourists. So, if what you are looking for is a nice, quiet day under the sun, with the beautiful sound of birds and the sea, then this might not be the best option for you. But don’t worry, Puerto Vallarta definitely has something for everyone!

Generally, if you travel to Northern Puerto Vallarta, you will find that its beaches, while still public as the rest of the beaches, are less frequented, which allows you the tranquility you’re looking for. You can find small coves and hidden beaches in Southern Puerto Vallarta, perfect for a quiet walk by the beach or watching sunsets! Here we put together a small list of our three favorite quiet beaches in or near Puerto Vallarta that you will absolutely enjoy.


Playa de Oro

Golden Beach VallartaPlaya de Oro, which literally means Gold Beach, is one of the most popular beaches located north of Puerto Vallarta and was recently awarded a blue flag by the Foundation of Environmental Education. Playa de Oro is located in the hotel zone; it is a safe, sandy beach where you can enjoy the sea, flanked by rocks at each end, which creates a little bay, which makes it welcome and distinctive. Because of its proximity to hotels and resorts, you will be able to enjoy a variety of recreational activities and water sports, as well as just chilling by the shore.



Mahauitas Beach Puerto VallartaThis beach belongs to the municipality of Tomatlán, not far away from Puerto Vallarta (29 kilometers). This small cove known for its calm waters is recognized as one of the Top 10 deserted beaches globally. The name Mahauitas comes from “Majahua,” the name of a local tree with big leaves that grows near the shore. You will find visitors in Mahauitas mainly in the high season, as it is perfect for water sports and diving, with its beautiful reefs and clear waters. However, Mahauitas can only be accessed by boat or panga (aquatic cab) and has only one hotel with a maximum capacity of 50 people. If you want to visit this small paradise, remember to plan!


Las Caletas

Las Caletas Beach Puerto VallartaLas Caletas is definitely a must if you are in Puerto Vallarta. Does the name sound familiar? Las Caletas was originally the private home of Hollywood producer, director, and actor John Huston, back when it was mostly inhabited. This small 800-meters-long hidden bay is perfect for snorkeling and kayaking because its clear blue waters allow you to see the amazing marine life in its rocky formations. As with Mahauitas, you can only access this bay by boat or panga. And, if the beach and sand are not your favorites, you can also enjoy a walk in the path that leads to the mountain jungle, right behind the beach!

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